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Ever since I started animating I always loved making fun little videos. Usually, I'd animate whatever toy I was obsessed with at the time. Animating was just a fun way for me to play with my toys. Below are some of my favorite short animations. If you want to see more, I have over 50 more short animations on YouTube.

Fun Fact: These animations were all made using Windows Movie Maker, a default free program not intended to make animations.

This one is particularly special to me as it's the first video I have ever uploaded to YouTube. The previous animations I made on my flip phone I would subsequently delete to make room for new animations. That makes this the oldest animation I have saved in general. This animation showcases a few things: I used Play-Doh to hold their feet down so you may notice their legs do not move side to side. There is also a single frame of an empty Play-Doh bottle that was left in by accident. Lastly, this was shot with a cheap webcam which is evident by the low quality of the video overall.

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