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About me

Hey! Thanks for coming this far, here's a bit about me if you're interested. I started animating when I first had fun photographing toys with a flip phone camera. Eventually, that fun hobby grew until I posted my first YouTube video in 2008. I have ever since loved telling stories in any way I could, especially through animation.

Aside from animation, I am currently studying to be a special ed history teacher. I spent 6 years in the USMC Reserve where I made many good friends, traveled to cool places, and collected plenty of dirt for my dirt collection. I've also spent a significant amount of time volunteering for my local fire company where I learned to appreciate our emergency services as well as a local therapeutic center for children with disabilities where I saw the intense love people are capable of having for each other.

I love watching movies, shows, and reading. I especially love all types of animation and anime and enjoy genres such as fantasy, science fiction, and cheesy romance.


Here's a great shot of one of my debut performances on stage, this is me acting as a disgruntled married man in a highschool production of Meet Me in St. Louis


I also love Warhammer 40k and miniature painting in general, which comes in handy making sets or puppets for my animations. I especially love cavalry like these two neat dudes that I painted above.

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